About Us

ASA is the only internationally recognised non-profit trade association for the Aviation Services Providers, such as Ground Handling (passengers, luggage...), Cargo Handling, Catering, Fueling, MRO etc.

We represent the men and women who are responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of billions of travellers worldwide.

We collaborate with affiliate associations to advance the sector’s interests and influence decision-makers on issues that are relevant to our industry.

Born in 1974 as the Independent Aviation Handlers Association (IAHA), focusing on European airport and ground handling related issues, ASA has grown to become the global representative of the Aviation Services.

Here at ASA we are working constantly to strengthen the reputation of the industry and advance the interests of our members and our sector in an increasingly complex aviation landscape.

The Aviation Services Providers currently accounts for 1.6 million employees worldwide. The numbers point to a highly successful, fast-growing sector, and yet our industry faces major challenges – from staff recruitment and retention to the emergence of new technologies.

ASA unites members to provide a platform where our companies can drive change, influence the industry and promote safety and quality at our airports.

We collaborate with all of our business partners on matters of safety and security, whilst adhering strictly to our anti-trust policy.

Today, over 70+ Service Providers - irrespective of their size, corporate structure or geographical location - are ASA members and have a say in the definition of our policies and positions on critical issues.